Topless Waiters For Hire, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

What will the Topless Waiter be wearing?

Normally  the boys will wear, bow tie, collar-cuffs, black trousers and a black apron. If  your guests would prefer a more “cheeky” approach, he can wear just the apron  instead of the trousers, please say when booking.

Can I take pictures of the Topless Waiter?

YES YES YES!! Please do so!! We want  to make your event as memorable as we can. Feel free to send them to us so we can put them in the our gallery and on our facebook .

What places do you work in?

We go to  all sorts of locations; houses, flats, night  clubs/bars/pubs. Please do get permission from the location first for your Cheeky Waiter to be there – as you will still have to pay for him turning up if he is not allowed to enter! If you like – you can arrive in style and be escorted by the boys in a  stretch limo or hummer on the way to your night out.

How wide an area do you cover?

We  cover the whole of Australia.

What will my Topless Waiters do  at my party?

Our Cheeky Waiters will be looking their best of course! They can  also meet and greet your guests at the door,  serve  drinks, serve food or just chat to your guests. When your Cheeky Waiter arrives just tell him and he will be at  your service!

How many cheeky chaps will I need?

That all depends on you and your budget. One cheeky chap can can deal with a big group or a smaller group depending on how much individual attention you would like your guests to have .

How long do I get them for?

A minimum booking is normally of 2 hours. If you’d like to keep him for longer – perhaps for a whole  day then please ask for our daily rate. Please say how long you think you may need the Waiter and we will quote you our very best rate.

Do the Shirtless Waiters bring the silver trays with them?

They can bring silver trays with them. They also will not bring drinks or food – you must supply that yourself.

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